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April 21, 2024
Kenneth Frost Obituary, Death: A Pillar of Cultural Preservation and Advocacy Passes Away

Kenneth Frost Obituary, Death: A Pillar of Cultural Preservation and Advocacy Passes Away

Apr 4, 2024
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Durango, CO – The Native American community and the entertainment industry mourn the loss of Kenneth “Kenny” Frost, a revered cultural consultant for the television series “Resident Alien” and a dedicated advocate for Native American heritage. Frost passed away on December 29, 2023, in Durango, Colorado, leaving behind a legacy of cultural preservation, education, and unity.

A Life Dedicated to Culture and Service

Kenny Frost, a member of the Southern Ute tribe, brought an authentic voice and invaluable insights to the “Resident Alien” series, ensuring accurate representation of Native American culture. Beyond his contributions to television, Frost’s life was marked by a profound commitment to his community and heritage. After completing his education at Mesa College, Frost embarked on a career that intertwined public service and cultural advocacy.

As a police officer for both the Southern Ute Tribe and the Town of Ignacio, and later as an EMT and ambulance driver, Frost’s dedication to community well-being was evident. His passion for cultural education led him to teach CPR courses and share his knowledge and respect for Native American traditions widely.

Legacy of Cultural Consultation and Advocacy

Frost’s impact extended beyond his immediate community, influencing policies and practices across Colorado’s Western Slope. His work with the USFS supervisor offices resulted in significant advancements in recognizing and honoring Native history and governance. Notably, Frost facilitated the historic United Ute Powwow in Glenwood Springs, which brought the Ute Nations together for the first time in over a century.

Additionally, Frost played a pivotal role in the respectful handling and reburial of an 8,000-year-old Indigenous man, setting a precedent for dignity and respect in archaeological practices. His efforts also led to the inclusion of a Native American interest component in the White River National Forest’s Land and Resource Management Plan, a landmark achievement in forest planning.

Remembering Kenny Frost

Kenny Frost was a champion of his Ute culture and an advocate for Native American rights across the United States. His dedication to preserving traditional practices and promoting unity among Native tribes was unwavering. As a beloved Denver Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, and Avalanche fan, Frost shared his love for Colorado sports with his grandsons, creating lasting memories.

Kenny Frost’s passing is a profound loss to his family, community, and all who had the privilege of knowing him. As we reflect on his remarkable life and contributions, we are reminded of the importance of cultural preservation and the power of advocacy. Kenny Frost’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations to honor their heritage and strive for unity and respect among all cultures.

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