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April 16, 2024
Laura Needham Death Notice, Kerkira, An Heartfelt Tribute To A Beloved Mother – Obituary

Laura Needham Death Notice, Kerkira, An Heartfelt Tribute To A Beloved Mother – Obituary

Apr 4, 2024
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Laura Needham Death Notice – We are delighted to inform you of the demise of our dearly loved Laura Needham, who departed this world without experiencing any pain or suffering as she passed away quietly in her sleep this morning at 2:00. We are pleased to inform you of her passing. During this time of sharing this information with you, our hearts are filled with sorrow.

Although her departure has left us with broken hearts, we take comfort in the knowledge that she is now reunited with her beloved husband Bill, her daughter Denise, her son John, her sisters Edith and Evelyn, and her closest friend Joyce. This is a source of solace for us. Because of this awareness, we are at peace. On the occasion of her 100th birthday, Laura, a magnificent woman who had an impact on the lives of a significant number of people, would have celebrated her birthday in December instead of January

The Alzheimer’s illness that took its toll on Laura, robbing her of the vibrant personality that we all knew and loved, caused her to leave us more than a decade ago. In many respects, she was a member of our group. She continued to be a shining example of love and determination throughout her life, despite the challenges that she encountered. The memories of those persons who were fortunate enough to have known her will be preserved for the rest of their lives by those individuals.

The fact that she expressed a desire for us to not grieve her passing but rather to celebrate the life that she had lived is a source of comfort to us, even if we are still in the process of coming to terms with her passing. The sentiment in question provides us with a certain degree of solace. While Laura was expressing her desire for a direct departure, she also made a joking remark that she would not be present to take pleasure in any celebrations that were being held.

This action was carried out in a manner that was in line with her general disposition. It was nothing out of the ordinary for Laura to possess such a charming personality. Holly is deserving of our highest gratitude because she was by Laura’s side right up until the beginning of her final moments.

We would want to express our deepest gratitude to every one of the caregivers at Sandon House, but Holly in particular deserves our most sincere appreciation. All of those people who are dependent on your unwavering assistance have expressed their profound appreciation to you for your unwavering support and dedication, both of which have not been missed.

In the coming days, we will be reaching out to our closest friends and members of our family in order to have a conversation about the different ways in which we may memorialize the wonderful life that Laura led and pay tribute to her memory. Please remember her in the way that she was: full of life, love, and laughter.

This is something that we would like to encourage you to do. For the time that this is going on, this is something that we would like to continue doing. Please find attached a couple of photographs that capture moments that are pretty representative of the great energy that Laura exudes. Here they are, for your convenience. It is our sincere wish that they will serve as a constant reminder of the happiness that she brought into the lives of others throughout the entirety of their lives.

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