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April 21, 2024
Lisa Roberts Obituary, Cause of Death Eastern NC Mourns the Loss of Lisa Roberts, Esteemed Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association

Lisa Roberts Obituary, Cause of Death Eastern NC Mourns the Loss of Lisa Roberts, Esteemed Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association

Apr 4, 2024
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The Eastern North Carolina community and the broader Alzheimer’s Association network are in mourning following the sudden passing of Lisa Roberts, the dedicated Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association. Lisa, whose unexpected death this week has sent shockwaves through the community, was a beacon of hope and a driving force in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

While the precise cause of her passing is suggested to be a home accident, the details remain uncertain. What is unmistakable, however, is the profound gap left by her departure. Known for her contagious smile, genuine kindness, and remarkable thoughtfulness, Lisa’s legacy is one of compassion, advocacy, and unyielding support for those affected by Alzheimer’s.

Lisa’s dedication to the cause was deeply personal, fueled by her family’s own encounter with the disease. She transformed her personal trials into a relentless pursuit of support, information, and hope for others navigating similar challenges. Her stories of her dad and the way Alzheimer’s impacted her family brought a deeply human element to her work, bridging the gap between executive leadership and the individuals she served.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lisa was a cherished friend, mentor, and community leader. Her love for driving, her laughter, and her passion for discussing politics over breakfast are fond memories that friends and colleagues will hold dear. Lisa’s routine check-ins with friends were not just courtesy calls but genuine expressions of her care and concern for their well-being.

In this time of loss, the call to support the Roberts family through donations for funeral expenses reflects the community’s collective grief and its desire to honor Lisa’s memory in a manner befitting her extraordinary life. The funds raised will assist with cremation, relocating charges, and other related expenses, ensuring that Lisa’s farewell is as impactful as her life was.

Lisa Roberts’s work with the Alzheimer’s Association was not just a job; it was a mission. She leveraged her position to create opportunities for others, embodying the essence of leadership through service. Her ability to connect on a personal level, coupled with her professional acumen, made her an invaluable asset to the Alzheimer’s community and a cherished member of the Eastern NC region.

As the news of Lisa’s passing reverberates through the community, it serves as a poignant reminder of the brevity of life and the importance of the work she dedicated herself to. The Alzheimer’s Association has lost a formidable advocate, the community a dear friend, and her family an irreplaceable presence.

In the wake of Lisa Roberts’s sudden departure, we find ourselves reflecting on the indelible mark she has left on the fight against Alzheimer’s and the lives of those she touched. Her story—of resilience, dedication, and love—will continue to inspire those who knew her and those who will learn of her legacy.

Funeral and visitation arrangements will soon be shared by the family, providing an opportunity for all who were touched by Lisa’s life to come together in mourning, celebration, and reflection. As we await these details, let us hold Lisa’s memory close, honoring her by continuing the fight against Alzheimer’s with the same passion and dedication she exemplified.

In remembering Lisa Roberts, we are reminded of the power of community, the importance of advocacy, and the enduring strength of love. May her legacy serve as a beacon for future efforts in the battle against Alzheimer’s, and may her family find comfort in the outpouring of support and love from those whose lives Lisa enriched.

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