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May 19, 2024

Octavia Reese Obituary, Death: Renowned Musician and Author in Chicago, IL Has Passed Away

May 17, 2024
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Octavia Marie-Madeleine Reese, a beloved writer, pianist, and dancer from Chicago, Illinois, has passed away unexpectedly. Her sudden death has left her friends, relatives, and everyone who knew her in profound shock and sorrow. The news of her passing was officially announced through a Facebook post on Thursday, May 16, 2024, which stated, “We are devastated by the sudden and unexpected passing of Octavia Marie-Madeleine Reese.” The precise cause of her death remains unknown at the time of this announcement.

Octavia Reese’s journey began in Detroit, where her exceptional talents and dedication earned her a full academic scholarship to Hope College. There, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Classical Studies. Her academic excellence and passion for languages were recognized when she was awarded a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship Fellowship. However, instead of moving to France, she chose to represent her home state of Michigan by competing as Miss Michigan 2005 in the 2006 Miss America pageant held in Las Vegas.

Following her pageant experience, Octavia started a family and pursued her passion for writing. She began crafting novels while her young children slept, gradually expanding her family and her literary portfolio. During this period, she also managed the Leaders of Tomorrow youth program at Roseland Christian Ministries and wrote grants, dedicating several years to mentoring children and teenagers.

Octavia’s professional journey was as diverse as her talents. Before obtaining her qualifications as an Epic Analyst and Principal Trainer, she managed the creation and implementation of programs for a nonprofit organization. Her career then transitioned to the corporate sector, where she worked for seven years as a corporate instructional experience designer, specializing in population health, anesthesia, surgery, and radiology. Her focus on data-driven engagement strategies led her to develop consumer-facing digital health solutions.

In her later professional life, Octavia founded OcTech Health, where she served as the chief innovation officer. At OcTech Health, she provided a variety of customer experience consulting services, including user acquisition and retention strategies. In 2022, she furthered her education by earning a Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics Administration from Northwestern University, with a focus on global health technology and user experience design.

Octavia Reese was a multitalented individual whose skills and interests spanned many fields. She was not only a linguist, writer, and dancer but also a dreamer, laugher, and flying trapeze enthusiast. Her love for karaoke, travel, and her three sons added to her dynamic and vibrant personality. Her ability to balance her professional achievements with her personal passions made her a unique and cherished individual.

Her unexpected death has left a significant void in the lives of those who knew her. Friends and family remember Octavia as a warm, friendly, and compassionate person whose presence brought joy to everyone around her. Her infectious humor and steadfast compassion were hallmarks of her character, touching the lives of many.

Octavia’s contributions to her community were immense. Her work with youth at Roseland Christian Ministries, her role in developing innovative health solutions, and her achievements in the arts have left a lasting impact. Her commitment to helping others and her ability to inspire and uplift those around her will be remembered fondly.

As the community mourns the loss of Octavia Reese, there is a collective effort to honor her memory by continuing the work she was so passionate about. Her legacy of compassion, creativity, and dedication will live on in the stories and memories shared by those who were fortunate enough to know her. Her influence will continue to inspire future generations, reminding them of the importance of pursuing one’s passions and making a positive impact in the world.

In conclusion, Octavia Marie-Madeleine Reese’s passing is a profound loss to her family, friends, and the broader community. Her life was a testament to the power of creativity, compassion, and dedication. She touched many lives through her work, her kindness, and her unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. As we remember and celebrate her life, we take comfort in the knowledge that her legacy will continue to inspire and uplift those who knew her. Octavia’s spirit will remain a guiding light, encouraging us to live our lives with the same passion and purpose that she did.

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