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June 21, 2024
Weber State Suicide: Death investigation at Weber State University’s Hurst Center, police at south side of the Ogden campus, Apparent Suicide by Shooting Leads to Lockdown and Investigation

Weber State Suicide: Death investigation at Weber State University’s Hurst Center, police at south side of the Ogden campus, Apparent Suicide by Shooting Leads to Lockdown and Investigation

Jun 12, 2024
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Weber State University and the Ogden, Utah Police Department are investigating a tragic death incident that occurred on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. According to reports, an individual died from an apparent suicide by shooting at the Ogden campus’s Hurst Center. The incident prompted an immediate response from law enforcement and university officials, leading to a temporary lockdown and a significant police presence on the south side of the campus.

The incident began around 1:30 p.m. when police were dispatched to the Hurst Center in response to reports of an active shooter. Upon arrival, investigators found a single individual threatening to harm themselves. The university quickly issued an alert, urging students and residents in the area to shelter in place and avoid the Wildcat Village until the situation was under control.

Witnesses reported seeing multiple officials at the scene, with one person being carried out on a stretcher. The gravity of the situation led to heightened concern among students and faculty, who awaited further updates from the university and law enforcement.

Weber State University and the Ogden Police Department worked swiftly to secure the area and ensure the safety of all individuals on campus. The Hurst Center was placed on immediate lockdown, and students and employees in the vicinity were instructed to remain indoors. The university’s alert system played a crucial role in disseminating information and providing guidance during the crisis.

At 1:32 p.m., an update from the university confirmed that police activities at the Hurst Center had ceased and there was no longer a threat to the campus or the public. The lockdown was lifted, and operations at Wildcat Village and other affected areas resumed. Hurst Center employees were advised to await further instructions from their supervisors.

The tragic nature of the incident has deeply affected the Weber State University community. The apparent suicide by shooting has brought to light the urgent need for mental health awareness and support. Students, faculty, and staff are grappling with the emotional aftermath of the incident, and the university is taking steps to provide the necessary resources and counseling services to those impacted.

The incident has also underscored the importance of timely and coordinated responses to emergencies on campus. The swift actions of law enforcement and university officials were instrumental in managing the situation and ensuring the safety of the community. The collaboration between the Weber State University Police and the Ogden Police Department highlighted the effectiveness of joint efforts in crisis management.

In light of this tragic event, Weber State University is emphasizing the availability of mental health resources and support services for students and staff. The university’s counseling center is offering extended hours and additional support to those in need. University officials are also encouraging students and staff to seek help if they are experiencing emotional distress or mental health challenges.

The broader community is being reminded of the importance of mental health and the need to support individuals who may be struggling. Educational initiatives and awareness campaigns are being planned to address mental health issues and promote a culture of openness and support.

The tragic death of an individual at Weber State University has left the community in mourning and highlighted the critical need for mental health support and crisis intervention. As the investigation continues, the university is committed to providing resources and assistance to those affected by the incident. The collaboration between law enforcement and university officials has ensured that the campus remains a safe and supportive environment for all.

In the wake of this tragedy, Weber State University and the Ogden community are coming together to support one another and promote mental health awareness. The hope is that through increased understanding and resources, future incidents can be prevented and individuals in crisis can receive the help they need.

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