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Andrew Monroe Obituary, Death, A Life Lived with Passion and Purpose

Mar 13, 2024
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Andrew Monroe Obituary, Death – Today is the day when we lost our baby child, and heaven has acquired a goaltender from heaven! There are no words that can adequately explain how much we miss you, Andrew Monroe. Andrew, also known as “Andy” to his family and coworkers, and “Blue” to his friends, spent his childhood in a variety of locations due to the fact that his parents and elder brother moved around quite a bit, taking them to different parts of the country. The time he spent on the basketball team when he was in junior high is one of the most memorable experiences of his life. The activity that he enjoyed doing the most was riding dirt bikes with his pals.

For his father, he worked a variety of tasks, and at a young age, he started working as a cook. His appreciation for delicious food grew with time, and he found great pleasure in preparing meals for other people. He eventually became a journeyman welder and took a great deal of satisfaction in the work that he did. Up to the very end of his life, he was a member of the Ironworkers’ Union Local 720 and spent his life according to the motto, “I’m an ironworker, we don’t give up.” In addition to being overjoyed to have two granddaughters, he was most pleased with the fact that he had two sons.

In addition to being a well-grounded individual, he remained committed to his hippie lifestyle and his traditional views. When he observed something that was wrong, he got up and spoke out about it. He was not scared to say what was on his mind.

Blue shown his loving attitude to his friends on numerous occasions by assisting them in any way he could, supporting their efforts to improve their lives, whether it was monetarily, through material means, or by teaching and inspiring them to achieve their goals. He had a fantasy of living a peaceful life on an acreage with his last love, Suzanne, cultivating the greatest quality cannabis for medical purposes, and getting up early every morning to go fishing.

While he was interested in developing his vocal skills, he also wanted to learn how to play the harmonica and the guitar. He had a wonderful chuckle, and not just one, but a huge number of them, which others liked and commented on. Watching cartoons and movies, listening to Whiskey Blues, and producing abstract paintings and other works of art to give as presents to his friends were all activities that he enjoyed doing.

As a result of his passion for color, he would add color to a variety of works of art and pieces of furniture. He was never bashful about expressing his opinion that something should have more color. Furthermore, he had a deep affection for animals, particularly canines, and he held his “Bella” in the highest regard.

His hope was to leave a legacy that would be passed down to his two sons and granddaughters, but unfortunately, his life was cut short before he could take the necessary steps to make that goal come true. He had a lot of wonderful business ideas that he wanted to start, and he dreamed of hosting an annual outdoor concert every year to bring people together and so that they could have a good time.

He would have cherished the opportunity to spend his vacation in Cuba and to pay a visit to his mother in Quebec. Andy is survived by his ex-wife, Margaret “Peggy” Brown; his children, Jesse Monroe and Nicolas (Justice) Monroe; his granddaughters, Mira, who is three years old, and Mia, who is one year old; his mother, Emma Leblanc; his father, Bernard Monroe; his brother, Daniel Monroe; and his girlfriend, Suzanne Brauti.

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