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Mark Stoll Obituary, Death, Springfield Ohio, A Celebration of a Life Well-Lived

Mar 13, 2024
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Mark Stoll Obituary, Death – We are heartbroken to inform you that a Springfield and Clark County legend passed away yesterday night. He was a beloved member of our community. The passing of Mark Stoll occurred last night as he was surrounded by his loved ones. It is impossible to overstate how great and incredible Coach Stoll was.

His willingness to help others was unwavering. As a teacher and coach, he has had a significant impact on a large number of young people over the course of his many decades of dedicated service. When I was selected by Coach to be the final head coach of the girls basketball team at Springfield North High School, I was given the opportunity to head coach for the first time in my high school career.

Because of the opportunity and the faith that he had in me for the position, we will be grateful for the rest of our lives. Mark Stoll was a wonderful individual who will be sorely missed by a vast number of people in Springfield. I am keeping his entire family in my thoughts and prayers. On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the viewing will take place at Bueler’s Mortuary, which is located in Chandler at 14 W Hutlet Drive. The viewing will begin at six o’clock in the evening and continue until eight o’clock in the evening.

It is planned that the Rosary will be prayed at seven o’clock in the evening. St. Mary’s Parish, which is located in Chandler, Kentucky at 230 West Galveston Street, will be the location of the funeral services that will be performed the following day, on Thursday, January 14, 2021, at eleven o’clock in the morning. The services will be held in honor of the deceased.

At the very first graduating class of Seton Catholic Preparatory, which was founded in 1958, both Mark and Sylvia were among the students who received their diplomas. The occurrence of this event occurred simultaneously. In addition, both of their children and nine of their grandkids were present at the establishment of the seton. With the support of the Advancement Office at Seton University, the Stoll family is collaborating on a Special Project in order to pay tribute to the legacy that Mark and Sylvia Stoll established so many years ago.

This action is being taken in order to show respect for the heritage that they have established with their efforts. People are urged to make memorial contributions to the Advancement Office at Seton Catholic Preparatory rather than sending flowers as another form of expression of condolence. This is in lieu of sending flowers to the recipient.

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