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Janay Geng Meier Briar Cliff University Obituary – Cause Of Death

Mar 13, 2024
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Janay Geng Meier Death: With GoFundMe, support the Janay Geng-Meier family. Tragically, Janay died while playing soccer on a scholarship in Iowa, the US, from a blood clot in her lung. She is a fantastic athlete and local soccer player who went to St. Nicks Soccer Academy.

Friends and relatives would love to assist Janay’s family with the expenses of returning to her home country of Canada, as well as additional fees related to her funeral and memorial. Janay moved to the United States to play collegiate soccer.

The fund raiser was started by Janay’s college coach, Gabrielle Parks, the head women’s soccer coach at Briar Cliff University. While 194 donors have given a total of $12,946 CAD toward the goal, it is anticipated to reach the $35,000 mark.

The last four days have passed in a blur, and Janay’s family is devastated by her sudden death. Many people adored Janay and thought she was the funniest person they had ever met. Every friend she had was blessed with her presence.

“On behalf of the women’s soccer team, multicultural club and Briar Cliff University as a whole please help us in providing Janay’s family with just a little bit of relief so they are able to grieve and remember Janay in the best way possible, with laughter, and a lot of Canadian National Anthem singing. Gabrielle said in the GoFundMe page.

Gabrielle is making every effort to lessen the pain of saying farewell to a daughter, sister, and close friend.

A GoFundMe Page,

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