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Obituary, Death Michael Knott, Musical Visionary Passed Away

Mar 13, 2024
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On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the music world lost one of its most unique and expressive voices, Michael Gerard Knott. His sudden passing has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him and admired his work. Knott was not just a musician; he was a poet, an artist, and a storyteller whose contributions transcended the boundaries of genres and mediums.

Who was Michael Knott?

Michael Gerard Knott was a figure of immense talent and complexity within the music industry. Known for his profound lyrical depth and eclectic musical style, Knott carved a niche for himself that resonated deeply with fans and fellow musicians alike. His journey through the realms of music and art showcased a relentless pursuit of authenticity and expression.

Michael Knott Career

Knott’s musical career was as varied as it was influential. He led several bands, including notable Christian groups, and released around 35 albums throughout his career. These ranged from solo projects to collaborations with bands such as Cush and LSU (Lifesavers Underground). His music was characterized by a fearless exploration of spirituality, human frailty, and redemption, moving beyond conventional Christian rock themes to embrace a broader, more nuanced reflection on faith and existence.

Highlights of his career include an unforgettable performance by LSU at Cornerstone ’93, where the band famously appeared in costumes, sparking both intrigue and admiration. His project Aunt Bettys experienced a label bidding war, culminating in a deal with Elektra in 1995. Knott also enjoyed mainstream exposure with the Strung Masterminds’ “Sun-Eyed Girl” being featured as Jed the Fish’s “Catch of the Day” on KROQ.

Beyond music, Knott was an accomplished painter, often signing his work as “Gerard.” His paintings graced the covers of many of his albums, as well as those of other artists, blending his auditory and visual artistic expressions seamlessly.

How Did Michael Knott Die?

Michael Gerard Knott passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire. The details surrounding his death have brought shock and sorrow to the music and art communities.

Michael Knott


Rest in eternal peace, Michael Gerard Knott. We love you and will miss you here. Peace and comfort to Michael’s daughter Stormie, and to all who love Michael. I took this photo while watching Michael create new music out of thin air. It was one of multiple things he was gifted to do uniquely and exceptionally. Westminster, CA, 9/14/2012.

What was the Cause of Michael Knott Death?

The cause of Michael Gerard Knott’s sudden departure has not been publicly disclosed. His family and close associates have requested privacy during this difficult time, as they navigate through their loss.

Michael Knott Obituary

Michael Gerard Knott’s obituary reflects the profound impact he had on the lives of many. A multi-faceted artist, Knott’s contributions to music and art were immeasurable. He leaves behind a rich tapestry of songs, paintings, and memories cherished by those who had the privilege of experiencing his work. As arrangements for memorial services are made, the community is invited to honor his memory by reflecting on the beauty and depth he brought into the world.

Brian Hancheck


Bye bye colour! And so we say so long to one of my heroes, Michael Gerard Knott: singer, songwriter, musician, painter, performer, jester, label owner.Mike Knott walked the tightrope that separated normal from disturbing. A performance artist in the truest sense, he courted controversy and danger to fulfill his artistic vision.This space cannot hold what one should say about Mike. He was a true original. My parting thought is this couplet from his masterpiece “Shaded Pain””How can we be forgivenIf we don’t live our lives?”

Michael Gerard Knott’s passing is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring power of art. His music and paintings will continue to resonate, serving as a testament to his extraordinary talent and vision. In mourning his loss, we also celebrate his indelible mark on the world, grateful for the time he shared with us and the legacy he leaves behind.

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