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Obituary, Michael Gerard Knott death, Musician & songwriter passed away unexpectedly

Mar 13, 2024
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The talented singer-songwriter, Michael Gerard Knott passed away on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. A beloved musician and artist whose vibrant presence enriched the Christian communities of California. As we come to terms with this saddening news, we reflect on the lasting impact of Michael’s artistry and the indelible mark he leaves on the hearts of those who cherish his work.

Michael Gerard Knott passed away:

Michael Gerard Knott, an enigmatic, multi-talented, and complex musician passed away suddenly leaving his friends and family in a deep sorrow.

This sad news was announced by Brian Hancheck in the following social media post, that reads,

Bye bye colour!
And so we say so long to one of my heroes, Michael Gerard Knott: singer, songwriter, musician, painter, performer, jester, label owner.
Mike Knott walked the tightrope that separated normal from disturbing. A performance artist in the truest sense, he courted controversy and danger to fulfill his artistic vision.
This space cannot hold what one should say about Mike. He was a true original. My parting thought is this couplet from his masterpiece “Shaded Pain”
“How can we be forgiven
If we don’t live our lives?”

Who was Michael Gerard Knott?

Michael Knott was an American singer-songwriter who led many bands, including several Christian ones. He has about 35 albums to his credit, including solo work and collaborations with groups like Cush and LSU.

From modest beginnings in the early days of the movement toward writing more overtly spiritual lyrics, he later shifted into writing songs that addressed the more miserable and relatable aspects of faith in God.

In Christian circles, Knott’s music has occasionally caused controversy, especially because of the profanity in the song “Rocket and a Bomb” (from his former band Aunt Bettys’ self-titled album) and the original artwork featuring Jesus Christ serving drinks on the album.

Many people found Knott’s songwriting appealing, especially Christians who were willing to own their imperfections and valued the openness with which he addressed them. “Double,” “Shaded Pain,” and the previously mentioned “Rocket and a Bomb” are a few examples.

In an interview with HM Magazine, Knott discussed some of his opinions, saying, “Basically, I’m a human being and I believe in Christ, period. It doesn’t make my life rosy, it doesn’t make my life terrible, it doesn’t do anything with that. I know Christ.”


Knott’s musical highlights include LSU’s epic Cornerstone appearance in ’93 (band dressed in costumes), an Aunt Bettys record label bidding war and eventual signing with Elektra (1995), and a Jed the Fish “Catch of the Day” spin on KROQ for the Strung Masterminds’ “Sun-Eyed Girl.”

Cush and Aunt Bettys members joined Knott onstage for a Dennis Danell benefit concert at Verizon Wireless, which also featured Pennywise, Offspring, X, and Social Distortion.

Grammy-winning “Pulp Fiction” co-writer Roger Avary executive produced the 1998 independent film “Boogie Boy” (Imperial), which features several Aunt Betty and Mike Knott songs.

Artist Knott often signs his paintings with the name “Gerard.” His creations have served as the covers for numerous of his releases, and releases by the Charity Empressa, and The Choir.

Knott started producing painting series that he sold at exhibitions and eventually online when he started touring once more in 2000.

Farewell to a Legend:

As we mourn the loss of Michael, we also celebrate the indelible mark he left on the world of music. His contributions will continue to resonate, ensuring his spirit lives on through the beats and melodies that define a generation.

Knott was not just a songwriter; he was a legend, and his legacy will forever be cherished by fans, friends, and family.

Tributes to Michael Gerard Knott:

Christian Geeks Rockcast wrote,

Rest in Peace and Love, Michael Gerard Knott.

John Cristion posted,

RIP Michael Gerard Michael Knott

Dave Mallett wrote,

Reunited eternally RIP

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