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Obituary, Death GoFundMe for the life of Ava Rasmussen, a former cheerleader for Star Athletics, has been created.

Mar 14, 2024
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Ava Rasmussen’s death and obituary in Mahwah, NJ: The strongest child to ever enter Star Athletics, Ava Rasmussen, went away suddenly. It was revealed today, Thursday, March 14, 2024, that Ava Rasmussen had passed away. She heroically battled cancer for a whole twelve years before passing away. Ava was a beautiful warrior with a very older sense of humour.

She was a really lovely young lady who exuded warmth and sweetness. Ava was the most beautiful person on the inside as well. It meant to be love to know her. What a kind and gifted young lady. Her grin illuminated the space. She was Star Athletics’ former cheerleader.

Honouring Ava Rasmussen
“We were really lucky to have Ava babysit for us a few times in the spring before her relapse occurred. She was a really lovely young lady who was kind and kind with my kids. I am very saddened to learn of her demise and am sending my condolences to her family.

Lovely Ava, How fortunate we are to have you in our lives—this amazing, resilient, kind, and spunky child. Our hearts have been broken. Already, you are sorely missed. We are always here for you, Sam and your family. Greetings, Bradley, Linda, and Sarah.

“When I was younger, I fell at championships, and those were the days when Ava trained. Even at an early age, her golden hair and brilliant blue eyes drew my attention. I wanted to be a flier like her. I’ve had a few encounters in which Ava was present, and each time I can state that people were drawn to her.

Ava was breathtakingly gorgeous and had a constant grin on her face. She once paid Star a visit to see us practice, and I recall wanting to make an impression on her. Even before I went to Star, I was aware of her exceptional athletic ability. A soul like hers is never forgotten, therefore God bless her.

Ava Rasmussen GoFundMe
The Mahwah, New Jersey, homeowner Janine Grasso has created a GoFundMe campaign. Wilkinson claims that the funds collected via this endeavour will assist the family in paying for the burial. Of the $50,000 target, the “In loving memory of Ava Rasmussen” page has raised $24,643 USD. “Please consider making a gift to help with funeral and hospital expenses on behalf of her family. We are eternally thankful for your unwavering support both now and in the past, according to a message on the fundraising website.


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