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Addilyn Odyssey Death, Obituary, Trisomy 18 Journey, Honoring The Life And Legacy Of Addilyn Odyssey

Mar 14, 2024
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Addilyn Odyssey Obituary, Death – Today, in the afternoon, my courageous and beautiful Addilyn Claire went away in the comfort of her own home.

Through all of the different ways that it may have occurred over the years, the peace that has surrounded her passing has provided her father and I with a tremendous deal of comfort. She was not experiencing any discomfort or difficulty. Contrarily, we are in a state of full and utter disrepair.

Even though I don’t know how to proceed without my girl, I am confident that we will figure it out together. An interesting couple of days has been experienced by Addilyn! To begin, she has been off the vent the entire day so far, both yesterday and today simultaneously! 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., and then I’ll be back on the vent.

For the time being, nighttime! All of us, including myself, are completely astonished! To put it simply, she is a star. We have been putting in a lot of effort to get everything ready so that we can return home. In addition, her mother received training on how to “call in” for the pacemaker while she was having her car seat fitted.

A couple of days ago, little miss began experiencing some seizure activity, which is a very unfortunate development. An electroencephalogram was performed this morning, and neurology has a medicine that they are attempting to use to treat them.

Once again, they are required to place an order for it, and it is highly possible that it will not arrive for several days. After everything that she has been through, it is incredibly disheartening to have another diagnosis added to the long list of diagnoses that she already has.

However, in all honesty, it is not unusual for children who have trisomy to experience seizures at some point in their lives to experience them. There is a silver lining! She is not losing her cool and is managing the situation like a pro! SOOO proud of her, and thankful for the successes that she has achieved despite the challenges that she has faced. Additionally, we are still making preparations to return home in a couple of weeks, provided that the stars are in perfect alignment.

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