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Matt Devitt Accident, Death, Florida, A Life Lived with Passion and Purpose

Mar 14, 2024
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Matt Devitt Accident, Death – In the midst of a valiant fight against cancer, Duane E. Devitt, a resident of Hastings, Nebraska, died away in a calm and serene manner at his residence on Thursday, December 14, 2023. He was surrounded by his devoted wife at the time of his passing. On Thursday, December 21, at fourteen o’clock in the afternoon, memorial services will be held at Butler Volland Chapel in Hastings, with Chaplain Lisa Ewald serving as the officiant.

Parkview Cemetery in Hastings will be the location of the interment. Memorial contributions might be made to the family in order to facilitate the establishment of a memorial at a later time.

On December 20, 1945, Duane Devitt was born in Davenport, Nebraska, to parents named Donald and Clara Moore Devitt. When he was six years old, his family relocated to Edgar, Nebraska, where he attended school.

Prior to that, he had been a resident of Deweese, Nebraska. Following that, he settled down in Hastings and remained there for the rest of his life. Over the course of many years, until his retirement in 2015, he was the proud owner and operator of Duane’s Welding Service, which he ran with a high level of craftsmanship.

The area that is currently known as KAM Raceway was owned by him and was located next to his welding shop. Duane was pleased to be a very active member of the organization and enjoyed racing both bikes and micro midget race cars. He was also a fan of the organization.

He held a particular place in his heart for the numerous friends and acquaintances he gained via his racing career. As well as having a wide range of interests, Duane possessed an adventurous spirit.

A successful self-taught gunsmith, he was the proprietor of Duane’s Gunsmithing at one point in his life. He acquired his skills by his own efforts. In particular, he looked forward to the yearly travels to Colorado to hunt elk.

He enjoyed hunting in a variety of ways. Additionally, he spent a lot of time at Lovewell Lake with his family and friends, engaged in activities such as fishing and camping. In addition, he followed his interest in engraving during his retirement years, becoming fairly skilled in the process and producing some stunning works of art.

Duane and Jan Blauvelt had been friends for a considerable amount of time prior to beginning a beautiful and meaningful connection as a couple, which ultimately led to their marriage. They had a great deal of fun and appreciation for one another, and during their “golden years,” they discovered that they had found the love of their lives in one another.

My beloved, you will be much missed by everyone! His parents had passed away before he got to this point. Among his surviving family members are his devoted wife, Jan; his two sons, Mike and David Devitt; his stepdaughter, Linda Morgan; his stepson, Tony Jill Wilson Blauvelt; his sister, Jan Steve Griffith; his brother, Ron Devitt; his grandson, Trenton Kassandra Devitt; his great-grandchildren, Kirsten and Karson Devitt; Kassandra’s children, Izak, Kody, and Amelia; one niece, Tiffany Devitt; and two very special nephews, Jason and Brian Griffith.

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