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Obituary, Death Ryan Gainer Shooting Apple Valley, Autistic Child Shot Dead

Mar 14, 2024
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A partially edited version of the body-camera footage from the crucial moments leading up to the deadly shooting of Ryan Gainer has been made public by the sheriff’s office.

Ryan is a fifteen-year-old autistic student at Apple Valley Valley High School, was shot and killed by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department because he was in possession of a gardening tool. Ryan ran track and aspired to be an engineer since he loved robotics, so his family was shocked to learn of his death. and was always fiercely devoted to his mother.

“As a mother to a black autistic, non-speaking boy, this is my absolute worst fear.
Justice for Ryan Gainer. My condolences to his family.”

“Ryan’s future was stolen from him. He deserved a system that recognized his humanity and offered support, not one that ended his life. He was a cross-country runner and wanted to be an engineer. His dreams and his aspirations should have been nurtured, not violently taken away.”

Sunday night, March 10, in Apple Valley saw the shooting. Mrs. Gainer had phoned 911 due to her 15-year-old autistic son Ryan Gainer experiencing a mental health crisis.

Things were resolved after Ryan’s father, Mr. Gainer, was able to calm him down. His family members claim that when the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department arrived later, the youngster was shot and killed in front of his sister just seconds after they made contact with him.

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