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Rodney Vicknair Nopd, New Orleans, LA, Police Officer Took A Teen For A Rape Kit. Then Assaulted Her

Mar 14, 2024
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Rodney Vicknair Nopd – The young individual, who was 14 years old, expressed a desire to avoid going to the emergency department during their visit. It was stated that her mother had made a request. During the session, her therapist had given her a little prod. At that moment, she became aware of the presence of a law enforcement officer in her domestic space.

He made the recommendation, “You really ought to give it some serious thought.” Officer Rodney Vicknair was the one who made the introduction to the crowd at the event. His vehicle from the New Orleans Police Department was waiting outside, and it was ready to transport her to the hospital so that a rape kit could be obtained once she was there. The young lady said that a friend who was 17 years old had forced himself onto her in the wee hours of the morning on that particular day (the early morning hours).

In accordance with the laws of the police department, a case like this was supposed to be handled from the very beginning by a detective who had been trained in sexual offenses or child abuse.

This was the case from the very beginning. In contrast, it was Vicknair, a patrol officer with a troubled past, who knocked on the door of the youngster on this particular afternoon in the month of May in the year 2020. Vicknair was the one who found the child.

He made an effort to persuade her to rethink her decision and change her mind instead. A comment was made by Vicknair during the interview, which can be summarized as follows: “If I am a young man who has done something wrong to a young lady and she does not follow up and press the issue, then I am going to go out and do it to another young lady.” The chat was being recorded by the body camera that he wore.

“And it’s going to be worse, that’s for sure, the next time,” Vicknair stated further, “because I’m going to think to myself, ‘Oh, I got the power.’” “I am able to go even further this time.” However, that was not what the girl desired.

This was the only thing that she desired to be finished with. It was a complete surprise to her that this was only the beginning of the process. After a period of four months had passed after the incident, the police would make an arrest for sexual assault committed against the girl.

On the other hand, it would not be her friendship from when she was a teenager. Specifically, Officer Rodney Vicknair would be the one to carry it out. According to the claims made by the court, the police officer allegedly started a grooming process that would continue for a number of months on the day that the 14-year-old met Vicknair, who was 53 years old. After only a few hours of seeing the girl for the first time, Vicknair shot a selfie with her as he was holding her arm and supporting her. In order for her to play with his police baton, he granted her permission.

It was a joke that he made in a lighthearted manner about “whipping your behind.” He showed her a collection of images that represented a young woman who was just wearing lingerie. He provided her with these photographs. This is a conversation that took place at the hospital between Officer Vicknair and a young person at 0:23.

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