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Shooting in Yellow Springs Ohio, 2 Killed In Shootout Near Yellow Springs Identified

Mar 15, 2024
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Shooting in Yellow Springs Ohio – At approximately eleven in the morning on February 12, a shooting took place in the 3400 block of Grinnell Road. It would appear that Lindsey and Molly Duncan, a couple, were ambushed in the driveway of their million-dollar home when gunfire broke out, according to Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has determined that Cheryl Sanders and her husband, Robert Reed Sanders, were the two individuals who were slain in a firefight that took place outside of a residence in the Yellow Springs regional area. The case is described as a justifiable homicide in the incident report in question.

According to the Greene County Coroner Kevin Sharrett, both Cheryl Sanders and Robert Reed Sanders ultimately succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds causing their deaths. Ballistics are currently being investigated by his agency in order to ascertain who fired rounds and how many times they were fired. Cheryl Sanders, who was previously married to Lindsey Duncan, and Robert Reed Sanders, who was currently married to her, were the victims of the shooting who were killed. Healthy Living Magazine featured Cheryl Sanders, a famous spokeswoman and stunt woman, on its cover. Sanders was involved in both of these activities. She played the role of a stunt double for a number of A-list celebrities, including Sharon Stone and Brooke Shields.

The state of Texas had granted Robert Reed Sanders a license to practice real estate. On Thursday, Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer stated that the individual had a criminal past; however, he did not provide any further details. The creator and chief executive officer of Genesis Today, Lindsey, has been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show and The View for almost a decade, where she has discussed their weight loss products.

According to the documents filed with the court, Lindsey Duncan and Cheryl Sanders divorced in 2009 after having signed a prenuptial agreement in 1999. They were married at the time. It has been reported by the Greene County Sheriff that Cheryl Sanders and Lindsey Duncan are the parents of two daughters. They are both of college age.

According to the records, their relationship has stayed at a negative state ever since the divorce. A court document from 2016 states that Lindsey filed a lawsuit against Cheryl Sanders and Robert Duncan, alleging that they had committed libel, slander, and defamation, among other offenses. According to the lawsuit, “Defendant Cheryl provided a written statement to both boards of Genesis Pure and Genesis Today, as well as non-board members, employees, and various members of the plaintiff’s family.”

Furthermore, the statement was provided to both boards of directors. “This statement leveled false, malicious, defamatory, and vicious accusations against the plaintiff, which not only brought the plaintiff into disrepute but also brought Genesis Today and Genesis Pure into disrepute.”

However, the lawsuit does not include any specifics regarding what was said. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Lindsey Duncan was harassed and subjected to a number of different efforts at extortion. The litigation has been proceeding with motions that were submitted as recently as September of the previous year.

After the shooting that took place on Friday, the couple had their first conversation after the gunfire that took place outside of their home on Grinnell Road. It was reported by Lindsey Duncan that the pair had just arrived back at their residence. He stated that a man wearing a camouflage mask and a sweatshirt approached Molly Duncan when she and her boyfriend were going to retrieve the mail. The man then held a gun to Molly’s head.

“At first, I thought it was a terrible nightmare. According to Lindsey Duncan, “Nothing that occurred after that was a result of instinct.” “All of a sudden, the beginning of hell” Throughout his explanation of what he remembered from the shooting, he battled to keep tears from falling down his face.

It was reported by Lindsey Duncan that during two different gun engagements, bullets were flying only inches passed the head of his wife. Molly Duncan expressed her gratitude by saying, “I am extremely thankful to be alive.” I am a mother, and I still get the opportunity to watch my children develop. In the days that followed the shooting, the couple expressed their gratitude to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for whatever assistance they provided. The statement made by law police that the two individuals ambushed him in his driveway was “exactly right,” according to Lindsey Duncan.

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