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Bettendorf Shooting: 1 injured in shooting that occurred on Wednesday afternoon in Bettendorf.

Mar 28, 2024
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Law enforcement authorities arrived at the intersection of Hawthorne and Hillside roads at 2:43 p.m. in response to a physical confrontation that resulted in the discharge of a firearm. A single individual was transported to a nearby medical facility; law enforcement stated that the injuries did not seem to pose a risk to the person’s life. Police have confirmed that one individual is currently in custody. The individual’s identity has not been disclosed now, yet, it has been affirmed that there is no imminent threat to the general public. The second individual involved in the 2023 Bettendorf shooting has been sentenced.

The individual who has been charged with a shooting incident in Bettendorf has been sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in an Iowa correctional facility in connection with the aforementioned case. According to court filings from Scott County, the Bettendorf police have accused Daniel T. Morgan, 33, of shooting and injuring a man at 8 p.m. on January 4, 2023, following a dispute over money. In October, he admitted his guilt for a single charge of assault while engaging in a felony that caused severe harm, as well as a charge of first-degree burglary.

According to court documents, Morgan was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years for the burglary offense and a maximum of 10 years for the assault conviction at a December hearing. However, he will concurrently serve the two sentences instead of consecutively. According to documents, Morgan was first charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm/offensive weapon by a felon, carrying a weapon to harm, and causing serious damage intentionally. According to court documents, the other counts were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Morgan will be granted credit for the duration of his prior confinement in the Scott County Jail in connection with the case. The altercation commenced outside the residential complex located at 3434 Town Pointe Dr. in Bettendorf, as stated by the police. Morgan and a companion subsequently gained unauthorized entry into a unit within the complex, despite the victim’s efforts to secure the premises by locking the door.

According to court papers, after entering the premises, Morgan and the second individual, identified as Andre A. Little, 28, from Davenport, assaulted the victim. Morgan possessed a firearm. According to court records, the victim fled from the residence and Morgan discharged a single round into his chest. Morgan and Little subsequently departed from the location.

According to records, the victim positively recognized Morgan as the individual who was carrying the pistol. The investigation was aided by the retrieval of video evidence, which enabled the authorities to definitively identify Morgan and Little. According to records, the victim informed the police that he believed the altercation began because Morgan saw that the victim was taking an excessive amount of time to provide Morgan with money.

Little was also charged by the authorities. The records indicate that he was first charged with attempted murder, first-degree burglary, assault while participating in a felony resulting in serious injury, going armed with intent, and willful injury causing serious injury.Little has also reached a plea agreement with the Scott County Attorney’s Office and admitted guilt to charges of first-degree burglary and assault while participating in a felony, as documented in court records.

According to documents, in August, Little was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years for the burglary offense and a maximum of 10 years for the assault charge. According to documents, he will serve the terms consecutively and receive credit for the time he has already served in jail in connection with the case. The state also dropped the remaining accusations against Little.

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