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Olivia Witkowski Obituary: Olivia Witkowski, 16, of Neenah, died in Winnebago County car accident

Olivia Witkowski Obituary: Olivia Witkowski, 16, of Neenah, died in Winnebago County car accident

Mar 28, 2024
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Olivia Marie Witkowski Obituary: Olivia Witkowski, 16, a resident of Neenah, was described as the victim by officials from the sheriff’s office. This is the town of NEENAH. An accident that occurred in Winnebago County resulted in the untimely death of the motorist. At approximately 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, emergency personnel were dispatched to the intersection of County Road CB and Rockwood Lane in the town of Neenah in response to a report of a collision involving a single vehicle.

Immediately after the collision, witnesses from a nearby business came to the driver’s help and provided assistance. When first responders arrived, they discovered that the lone driver was unconscious and continued with the procedures that were intended to save his life. They were pronounced dead at the hospital where they were brought after the driver was taken there.

The period from December 12, 2007, to March 20, 2024. Olivia Marie Witkowski, a 16-year-old resident of Neenah, tragically passed away following an automobile accident on 3/20/24 in the town of Neenah. She was born in Neenah on December 12, 2007. She is the granddaughter of David Witkowski, the daughter of Forrest (Cash) and Mary Clark, and the niece of Nick Vanderheyden and Jennifer (Jennie) Witkowski. Olivia, a second-year student at Neenah High School, currently works at Subway in Neenah.

Before her tenure at Subway, she worked at Festival Foods in Darboy. She had a strong passion for hunting, fishing, four wheeling, and snowmobiling. Her passion for nature and outdoor activities originated during her early childhood, when her grandfather would take her on frequent excursions into the forest using a wheelbarrow. It persisted for the remainder of her life.

Whenever a four-wheeled vehicle was around, she would always be found riding it. She successfully taught her Aunt Jenny’s pug, Murphy (Frank), to accompany her on outings. Olivia was consistently generous, ever desiring to assist anyone she could. Olivia regularly volunteered at the Iola Car Show. During the summer, she frequently assists at the Little Falls Loggers Men’s baseball games in Little Falls on Sundays. She volunteered at the annual Recovery Corn Roast. Olivia additionally accompanied her Uncle Nick to McCaslin Lake in Lakewood.

She would engage in activities such as riding a four-wheeler, snowmobiling and assisting with any necessary tasks. She embraced diligent effort. Her contributions to the McCaslin Lake Association will be recognized. She made sure to keep her schedule open every year to assist with the dredging process. Once you encounter Olivia, her presence will leave an indelible mark on your memory. Her captivating eyes and enchanting smile captivated you. She possessed exceptional wisdom for her age and her daily objective was to elicit smiles and, much more so, laughter.

Olivia’s surviving family members include her parents, David Witkowski (Grandpa), Forrest (Cash) and Mary (Witkowski) Clark (Dad and Mom), Nick Vanderhyden (Uncle) and Jennifer Witkowski (Aunt), four brothers – Shawn (Jean) Clark, Adam Clark, Joseph Langer, and Christian Kriegl, and one sister – Angela (David) Cochrane. The individuals mentioned are Lilly Clark (niece), Joann Nollenberg (grandmother), Steve Witkowski (uncle), Thomas Witkowski (uncle, married to Linda Witkowski), Michael Witkowski (uncle, married to Pat Witkowski), Donald Witkowski (uncle), Charles Madson (uncle, married to Sandy Madson), James Clark (uncle, married to Stephanie Clark), Jeff Olson (uncle, married to Gena Olson), and Paul Olson (uncle, married to Judy Olson).

The aunts are Kay Mierzwinski, Roberta Gasper, Melissa (Matt) Cashman, Jennifer (John) Clark, and Heather (Nick) Mook. Relative John Wisneski, also known as Robin Wisneski, is one of the individuals mentioned. Another person is Ben Wisneski, who is also referred to as Beth Wisneski. Jared Brateng is another individual, who is sometimes called Dawn Brateng. Mellisa Christianson, alternatively known as Tim Christianson, is also mentioned. Laurie Rathsack, who is sometimes referred to as Dan Rathsack, is another person on the list.

Brian Witkowski, Kevin Witkowski, Patrick Witkowski (also known as Cat Witkowski), and Andrew Witkowski are all included. The neighbor’s name is Debbie Koehler. MacKenzie McClement, who is her lover and the love of her life, will deeply mourn her absence. Olivia had numerous extended family members and close friends who were considered part of her family. Furthermore, it is imperative to acknowledge her utmost affections for her pets, including her feline companions Kitty and Spoon, as well as her canine companions Max, Floyd, Murphy (Frank), Boomer, and Lucy.

Prior to her passing, she lost her biological mother Michelle Schueneman, sister Hailey Schueneman, Uncles Greg (Grape) Madson, Brian Clark, Cousin Scott Gloudemans, and her favorite neighbor and best friend Donald (Donnie) Koehler, as well as other cherished pets that held great significance in her life. The family wishes to express their gratitude to the individuals who promptly arrived at the accident site, including the Town of Neenah first responders and fire department, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department, Gold Cross Ambulance, Thedacare Trauma Center staff, social workers, and Pastoral Care.

They deeply appreciate your diligent efforts, kindness, and empathetic care. Additionally, I would want to express my gratitude towards the faculty and counselors at Neenah High School for their empathy and assistance. We would like to express our gratitude to Julie, Mike, Missy, and Kay for their presence and support on the most challenging day of our life. Olivia’s presence had a lasting impact on the hearts of all those she interacted with throughout her time among us. Despite her absence, her legacy will endure through the memories and narratives we exchange as we continue to go forward without her.

“We have a deep affection for you, which will endure indefinitely, my dear daughter.” The day you were born brought eternal blessings to our lives, and we now feel shattered in your absence. Kindly attend the gathering to commemorate the life of a loved one on April 6, 2024, at The Hillside Pavilion located in Plamann Park, 1375 E. Broadway Dr., Appleton, WI. The event will commence at 11:00 am and conclude at 3:00 pm. A memorial service is scheduled for 1:00pm. Catering will be available. All memorial contributions received will be donated to multiple causes that Olivia was passionate about, in her honor.

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