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Kennedy High School, Principal Call A Lockdown On School After Allege Shooting In The Premises

Mar 13, 2024
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Kennedy High School, Cause – According to the principal of John F. Kennedy High School, the lockdown was carried out in an effective manner. The lockdown was coordinated among administrators at all eight schools, as well as the safety director of the borough and the New York Police Department. When asked about the success of the endeavor, Lisa Luft said, “We were almost surprised at how well it worked and how well everyone worked together to bring it off.”

Thursday’s activities were detailed in a brief letter that was issued to the parents of pupils attending schools on the JFK site. It was claimed in the letter that “the safety of your children is our primary concern,” however the statement did not include any more information on the actual danger. It was well known for a long time that John F. Kennedy High School was one of the most violent schools in the municipality.

Nevertheless, in recent years, the school has been divided into eight smaller schools, and there have also been enhancements made to the safety of the student body. Sixty-seven percent of students at JFK High School responded to yearly questionnaires that asked them how safe they felt at the school during the previous school year.

The response was the same for seventy-seven percent of the students who attended the Bronx School of Law and Finance.

It is the responsibility of the Building Response Team of the Department of Education, which is in charge of emergency preparation, to specify protocols that should be followed during a lockdown.

In accordance with the established procedure, instructors turned down the lights in the classroom and instructed students to form a line against a wall in such a manner that they would be invisible to anybody going down the corridor, as stated by the pupils.

The responses of the students to the lockdown varied from a lack of concern to complete apathy. “I was told two different things. Either it was a genuine thing or it was merely a practice.

Regardless of the circumstances, I became enraged,” said Daniel Torres, a first-year student at the Bronx School of Law and Finance, where the lockdown caused students to remain for longer than their customary discharge time of 2:55 p.m.

Yeimmy Suntura, a junior at Marble Hill, on the other hand, said that she experienced a dramatic increase in her level of anxiety during the lockdown.

She went on to say that she believed the school made her feel as secure as it could possibly be. She said, “I had the impression that there was protection.” They showed a great deal of concern. The manner in which the school was able to enforce the lockdown was quite impressive.

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